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Andrew addresses an article criticizing one of Paul Thurrott’s articles about Windows 8. Is Paul a flip flopper? New info leaks about the Windows Phone 8.1 update. Will it feel more like Windows 8? Asus plans to launch a $179 Chromebox. Will Chromebox catch on? Paul gives his thoughts on market viability for Chromebox. And rumors swirl regarding Verizon throttling Netflix data. Is there any truth to Verizon throttling Netflix?


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Andrew Zarian gets Paul Thurrotts thoughts on Microsoft naming enterprise chief Satya Nadella as it’s new CEO. Is Satya Nadella the right person for the job? Paul also has some thoughts on Bill Gates stepping down as chairman and Steve Ballmer’s legacy at Microsoft. Google releases an SDK for Chromecast, opening up development of Chromecast to everyone. Will open development for Chromecast help bring gaming to Chromecast? Facebook turns 10 years old. What impact has Facebook had on society? And Andrew rants about the camera in his Android phone compared to the Nokia Lumia 1020.


A new rumor suggests that the Windows 8.1 update might skip the Start screen by default. Is Microsoft listening to feedback once again? Lenovo buys Motorola’s handset business from Google. What will Lenovo do with Motorola? Amazon says it is considering a $40 price increase for Prime subscriptions. Would a 50% price increase make the service too costly for consumers? Microsoft is rumored to name Enterprise chief Satya Nadella as it’s new CEO. Is Nadella a good choice for CEO of Microsoft? Also TigerDirect will begin accepting Bitcoin payments, and Apple may be consider two iPhones with larger screen sizes.


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Andrew reviews the Apple TV he purchased and discusses Apple TV versus Roku with Paul. Which set top box is better? Amazon is still rumored to be releasing a set top box. Will it be able to stand tall next to the Apple TV or Roku? Andrew rants about an article saying the Xbox One doesn’t stack up against the PlayStation 4. Why are some people so loyal to one product? Andrew and Paul discuss the new demo video of iOS in the car. What does Paul want from iOS in the car? And Paul gives us an update on Windows 8.1 Update 1.


HP to begin selling Windows 7 PCs again. Does this move signal more people are demanding Windows 7 rather than Windows 8? Paul addresses the Xbox One YouTube controversy. Is Microsoft paying YouTubers to say positive things about Xbox One? Beats Music launches it’s own streaming music service. How does it compare to Xbox Music and Spotify? And Verizon acquires Intel’s IPTV technology OnCue. What will Verizon do with Intel’s TV technology?


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Paul confirms Windows 9 will launch in April of 2015. Andrew and Paul discuss a few things they think Microsoft will do with Windows 9. Will Windows 9 be anything like Windows 8? Paul responds to comments about his latest post supposedly being negative about Windows. Is Paul being misunderstood? Andrew and Paul also discuss Google’s purchase of the home automation company Nest. Could Google in control of your home become real?