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Rich and Jon are back with determination to bring you the best in comic book and pop culture speculation with a dose of humor added in for good measure. This episode takes us deep into Comic Book movies as they relate to their print counterparts, the future of the Avengers and the book’s creative history, and fantasy writing possible Marvel/DC cameos.

Rich Stambolian and Jonathan Adler know their comics. Look it up. This episode of Behind the Counter has the boys talking about spoiler alerts on comic boards, the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, the new Fantastic Four flick, some of Jon’s celebrity hate, DC’s Future’s End, Wildstorm, a new direction Marvel looks to be taking, their books of the week, and more!

Rich and Jon are back this week hitting you like an optic blast from the world’s more hated mutant (that was a Cyclops reference) The boys talk about the Marvel movies, marvel movie continuity, the grand tradition of acting, and comic news. They also chat about what can be done about DC Comics and trimming the fat of the Marvel U. They also go into their picks of the week!

Rich is here! Jon is here! Behind the Counter is here with all of your much needed comic book news and views. This week the boys talk about upcoming Marvel movie projects, changes to film franchises, the X-men movies, Jon’s celebrity hate, Thor: God of Thunder, Uncanny Avengers, Saga, and more. They also touch on a variety of topics – even the Grammy’s!