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What the Tech Special Edition – Avatarded with Paul Thurrott 6-7-11


This week on “What The Tech:” Andrew & Tom welcome Paul Thurrott’s return– to discuss the many recent updates and plans from Microsoft; such as Windows 8, Windows Phone 7 evolution, do we really want to play shooting games with hand-gesturnig Kinect, is anyone paying attention to the numbers- showing how small of a Market other people hold, and can we get him in widescreen before his next appearance?

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  1. I keep getting an error everytime I click the Zune link saying that the podcast is not available in my region (UK). If I copy and paste the URL into the Zune Software itself, I get an error saying that the podcast is not formatted correctly with a C00D1312 error code.

  2. Thats strange. I just checked the feed on Zune and it seems to be working just fine. Are you playing the Audio or Video feed on Zune? Also does the Audio and Video play on the website?

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