What The Tech Ep. 172 – Windows 8.1 7-2-13

What The Tech Ep. 172 – Windows 8.1 7-2-13

What The Tech


This week on What The Tech: Paul talks about his experience at this year’s Microsoft Build conference. Paul also takes us through his work flow of how he publishes articles. Andrew and Paul discuss the Xbox One and Windows RT as well. Is there any reason to buy a Windows RT device today? Andrew has an issue with the cost of getting an app on Xbox compared to iOS.

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  1. Paul, if you don’t like the Acer that much, you can send it to me and I’ll make use of it!

  2. I think what Paul said about RT coming back, and all the features that RT currently has that might be regarded as huge pros in the future was a great point that never came across my mind. RT was undoubtedly too ahead of it’s time.. It does seem like the perfect time is at the horizon now, though.

  3. And also, I just want to voice my opinion about the new Xbox. What I feel, and fear for, is that Microsoft is successfully turning the Xbox from a gaming device to an all-in-one media device, and the general populace is so attracted to it that it is going to lose ties with gaming. I can easily foresee people who would have no interest in buying a gaming device purchase the Xbox one for various different apps and uses which have nothing to do with gaming.

  4. while i do have interest in a 8 inch windows tablet, i have a playbook , i like the form factor, im just getting sick of it, and i love windows 8, but netbooks taught me never ever buy the first one of anything new and unproven (in my case orginal EEE PC) wait a afew years, though netbooks never got better….they never were good, people flocked to them because they were dirt cheap, and the same thing is happening with these sub $300 android tablets, you get what you pay for,

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