What The Tech Ep. 171 – Xbox One Reverse Course 6-24-13

What The Tech Ep. 171 – Xbox One Reverse Course 6-24-13

What The Tech


This week on What The Tech: Microsoft reverses course on DRM for the Xbox One. Andrew and Paul discuss why Microsoft changed it’s position. Andrew ponders why some people still aren’t giving the Xbox One a fair shake after Microsoft’s announcement. Will the casual gamer buy an Xbox or PS4 when they can get their gaming fix from an iPad? And Paul talks about what to expect from this year’s Build conference. Will there be a huge announcement?

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  1. Andrew, I completely agree with everything you said about people complaining about how Microsoft changed their minds on the One and they’re calling it the 180. The One hasn’t even been RELEASED yet and people clearly don’t know what they want.

  2. Windows 8 is perfect for devices like the samsung ativ q but on the pc today its not quite right.

  3. I bought a PS3 for Bluray and also media content. I also have an Xbox 360 but do not have a xbox live subscription

  4. Interesting to hear you talk about bluray on ps3 xbox 360 chose HD DVD and had an after market peripheral that never really lifted off and lost to bluray and I’m pretty sure a ps2 and xbox classic had DVD and you could watch films? Entertainment system is not required people have stream services on ipad and other tablets that can stream and you can just use a laptop and connect it to tv using hdmi? I know the point your making in the video.

  5. The user interface is different on both systems and have seamless switching through applications which is in an improvement with not much if any loading time. Online video posting is also great feature for gamers and is easy to do

  6. DRM is a good thing for the games industry. I heard Total Biscuits discussion on the topic, on the second hand games market where he compares it to movies and books and I think he’s right. Second hand sales are bad for the games industry, and Sony really let the industry down.

  7. Yeah you can’t count a company or product out before it is released. The hate this console is completely ridiculously. People hate it for false rumors, things that does not affect them, and blind love.

  8. Adrian,
    I love the show and hearing you rant, but seriously I’d rather hear you two speculate about the kewl new crop of unreleased Windows Phones than discuss how many techotards exist on the planet. That’s why they invented Youtube comments to pacify those idiots. Keep up the good work and BTW really enjoying the new Roku app!

    Carter S. Johnson

  9. I have to say that listening to this show was not enjoyable. Especially at the beginning you were really dealing more with defending yourself in a somehow stubborn way instead of dealing with the real issues.
    Why avoid the real question “Did Microsoft try to take away consumer rights?” And what people like me who still like playing games on their old NES or Genesis were concerned about is losing the ability to play games in the future even though we did buy them as a physical item.

  10. Im sorry we dont meet your expectations :)

    please explain what you mean by : And what people like me who still like playing games on their old NES or Genesis were concerned about is losing the ability to play games in the future even though we did buy them as a physical item.

  11. Well, I remember Paul saying in one show after you mentioning a critic “you can’t hit a home run every day” and I can accept that ;-)
    The real issue that was never discussed anywhere is about owning a game. If I buy a game retail it should be mine like everything I buy that way. With Microsofts approach that wouldn’t have been the case anymore. I can’t fit everything I could say about that in a comment here, if you don’t mind, maybe check your private messages here a little later.

  12. I am 42 and remember the wave of “common people” flooding the net via AOL and compuserve etc etc … and I understand the fear many have, when companies start to cater to the mass market things always change and not for the better. in the 90′s the net was like the old west not there are so many laws that it has taken much of the fun out of everything. same thing will happen to gaming, DRM will kill gaming.

  13. sellout. like anything made a secondary industry helps those with less money take part, like say the used car industry for those who cant afford a new car, but as they move up the ladder they eventually will.

  14. Its like someone doing the right thing because its right as opposed to someone grudgingly doing the right thing because they pissed you off and you called them on it. DRM is a bad road to go down and it hurts the user more than the pirate because it creates extra hassle. and not everyone has a highspeed data connection and just wants to play games trade them in and buy new ones once they beat them.

  15. I just watch episode 171 of What the Tech and have a comment about the discussion about the ambiguity of the Win 8 UI. I currently have two Win 8 computers, three Win 7 and one XP. I don’t have a problem with Win 8 and I’ve tried 8.1. I like the new 8.1 features. Many years ago I was a software developer. I had a colleague who advised me that if users were having a problem navigating my software, I need to re-visit the design of the program’s UI. I hope that MS designs 8.1 so that a new user is instructed during the first boot how to use the UI.

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