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What The Tech Ep. 167 – Xbox One Announcement Aftermath 5-28-13

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This week on What The Tech: Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurrott reflect back on the Xbox One announcement from a week ago. What does the Xbox One mean for the future of TV? Andrew and Paul also discuss whether the Xbox One will change streaming set top boxes like Apple TV and Roku. Will they need to add gaming to their platforms? And Arrested Development returns online thanks to Netflix. How do TV shows change as a result of being online only?

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  1. Xbox one is similar to what google tv was trying to do. But xbox is much cooler with the kinect

  2. Andrew Zarian are you some sort of comedian????? Xbox one announcement main theme is tv not about games ???? Great presentation according to you? Sony announcement main theme is gaming features and games and had and according to you had a terrible presentation???? Ps4 console announcement talks about gaming in the main theme of the presentation!! You have have to be Microsofts white knight and Paul Thurrott is the dark knight who seems to have lil bias for xbox one but will tell you how it is!

  3. Andrew z full on xbox one ass kisser from my prospective on this video it’s pretty sad from a neutral prospective

  4. Yes Im a stand up. My entire act is about windows 8. You can come watch me this weekend at Yuk Yuks :) The only way Microsoft and Sony are going to make money on these consoles is by appealing to a larger market.

  5. You can’t rent the Xbox One, your games are ripped to the hard drive. New Xbox One means pain in the ass.

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