What The Tech Ep. 202 – Full Blown Android 2-25-14

What The Tech Ep. 202 – Full Blown Android 2-25-14

Andrew and Paul discuss announcements from Mobile World Congress. Nokia launches an Android phone, the Nokia X. What does Paul think of Nokia offering an Android device? Microsoft announces new lower priced licensing for certain devices. Is this a smart decision to grab the low cost device market? Samsung announces the Galaxy S5. Has Samsung’s Galaxy devices become boring and stale? Netflix strikes a deal with Comcast to improve quality of service of Netflix to Comcast users. Is this a step towards the end of net neutrality? And Andrew quickly touches on the launch of the WWE Network. What does Andrew think of it?


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  1. I love your show, I will continue to listen, but I just wanted to say I think it is interesting how the Comcast/Netflix story has gotten out of control. What is being said for the most part is inaccurate. The deal that was signed was to eliminate a middle man between Netflix getting to the Comcast network. The were using another network I in between to connect them to the Comcast network. That middle network was bottlenecking a bit do to all the traffic, so Netflix basically decided it would skip the middle man and do a deal with Comcast directly. This is a common thing. Comcast has a huge network so does ATT and Verizon FIos. I’m sure that they have similar deals with either these companies or other vendor networks that connect directly to these companies. This is all about providing better service to its customers. The cost Netflix was paying the middle man was likely higher than what they are paying Comcast directly. This is just how the internet works. That is just a very brief summary. Here is an article with the details if you are interested. http://blog.streamingmedia.com/2014/02/media-botching-coverage-netflix-comcast-deal-getting-basics-wrong.html It is a big story. I’m glad you discussed it on your show. I like your show. I just wanted to help inform you guys of the facts. Its about delivering a better service and not net neutrality or screwing customers. A good analogy might be amazon wanting to deliver goods faster so they build drones to get them to your door same day :)

    Thanks for the show. I’m considering donating to patrion too.


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