What The Tech Ep. 199 – iOS in the Car 1-28-14

What The Tech Ep. 199 – iOS in the Car 1-28-14

Andrew reviews the Apple TV he purchased and discusses Apple TV versus Roku with Paul. Which set top box is better? Amazon is still rumored to be releasing a set top box. Will it be able to stand tall next to the Apple TV or Roku? Andrew rants about an article saying the Xbox One doesn’t stack up against the PlayStation 4. Why are some people so loyal to one product? Andrew and Paul discuss the new demo video of iOS in the car. What does Paul want from iOS in the car? And Paul gives us an update on Windows 8.1 Update 1.


  1. Andrew / Paul
    I regularily enjoy you rambling, but had to give up part way through for this show.
    There was interferance from something, providing an intermittant buzzing, probably from a cell phone.

    Can you both please look into this?

    Keep up the great show


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