What The Tech Ep. 204 – Titanfall Disease 3-11-14

What The Tech Ep. 204 – Titanfall Disease 3-11-14

Andrew and Paul discuss the craze over the launch of Titan Fall. Does it live up to the hype? Paul shares his thoughts on the new Nokia Lumia Icon Windows Phone. Is it the best Windows Phone on Verizon? Andrew mentions the new Roku Stick. Is it worth getting the Roku Stick over the Roku 3? Andrew and Paul also launch into a discussion on the state of mini tablets. Why are people crazy about mini tablets? And Paul revisits the debut of Apple CarPlay. Are there any vehicles available currently with CarPlay?

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  1. My feeling is a little unusual. I agree with Paul in that Microsoft was going to take criticism no matter what they did with Windows 8, but I think they should have taken advantage of that. If they were always going to take abuse for going to Metro (a perfectly good name,I don’t have to not use it,they are not suing me), they should have picked this as the time to blow up the operating system and replace it with a small, fast, secure core, as Apple did in switching from OS 9 to OS X, running the old software via virtualization (and Microsoft owns good virtualization software). If Microsoft had done this, they would still be taking abuse about the user interface change (I am in the minority that much prefers Metro to the desktop), but they would have an operating system that it small enough and fast enough to be a very good tablet OS, which full Windows 8 is not. I actually think they didn’t go far enough.

    And Andrew, on a subject more appropriate to one of your other podcasts, they actually got the Daniel Bryan situation right, I am really looking forward to hearing you talk about it on the next Mat Men.

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