What The Tech Ep. 200 – Microsoft’s New CEO Satya Nadella 2-4-14

What The Tech Ep. 200 – Microsoft’s New CEO Satya Nadella 2-4-14

Andrew Zarian gets Paul Thurrotts thoughts on Microsoft naming enterprise chief Satya Nadella as it’s new CEO. Is Satya Nadella the right person for the job? Paul also has some thoughts on Bill Gates stepping down as chairman and Steve Ballmer’s legacy at Microsoft. Google releases an SDK for Chromecast, opening up development of Chromecast to everyone. Will open development for Chromecast help bring gaming to Chromecast? Facebook turns 10 years old. What impact has Facebook had on society? And Andrew rants about the camera in his Android phone compared to the Nokia Lumia 1020.


  1. Andrew old fruit, when trying to play this episode all I get is ‘Can’t Play Video, media source loading has failed’. This is in IE11 both Metro and desktop, I’m using a Surface RT, i’m on of those guys.

    Works fine in Chrome on my Desktop PC, just not Surface tablet., Not sure if this feedback helps but thought i’d let you know.



  2. Dan Carlin, another podcaster, is currently doing a series on World War I. He just posted the 2nd episode. He’s done prior series on the end of the Roman Republic, Mongol Empire, Punic Wars, and WWII’s Eastern Front. Each topic includes 10+ hours of material, allowing Carlin to describe them as de facto audiobooks. He is absolutely riveting. If you’re into history at all, he is a must listen.

    He also does one off episodes on various topics (e.g. bombing of nukes, the red scare, a crazy reformation story (my personal favorite), etc.).

    I have a feeling Paul would like his stuff, too.


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