What The Tech Ep. 195 – Best Tech Products of 2013 12-31-13

What The Tech Ep. 195 – Best Tech Products of 2013 12-31-13

Andrew and Paul discuss what they think is the best tech products of 2013. Andrew’s list includes the iPad Air, Xbox One, Nexus 5, and the Nokia 520 Windows Phone. Andrew also offers what he thinks is the best service of the year, Google Hangouts. Paul’s best of 2013 list includes Google’s Nexus 7, Roku 3, Xbox One, and Xbox Music. Why did Microsoft’s Xbox One come out as the best console over the Playstation 4? Andrew and Paul also discuss what they hope to is in 2014.


Best phone: Nexus 5, Moto X , Nokia Lumia 520
Best tabet: iPad Air / Mini 2
Best video game system: Microsoft Xbox One
Best entry level mic: ATR2100 Mic
Best service: Google Hangouts


Best phone: Nokia Lumia 520
Best tablet: Google Nexus 7
Best of the living room: Roku 3
Best cloud service: Microsoft Xbox Music
Best video game system: Microsoft Xbox One


  1. Good podcast guys and you explained your criteria well. However, it might be best to call it ‘Best Buy Tech’ rather than ‘Best Tech’. When I hear the words ‘Best Tech’ I expect a 5 star product and I’m not too concerned about the price.

    The Nokia Lumia 520 is fantastic value for money, but I wonder if Nokia is losing money on each handset sold?
    Both of you were critical of Apple’s policy with the iPhone 5C, but whose revenue would you rather have Apple’s or Nokia? FWIW I think the 5C is overpriced too, good – but overpriced.

    I just bought our 3rd iPad Air yesterday, all have been presents – 2 for our daughters and one for my mum. It was interesting what the Apple shop told me iPad Air sales vs Retina Mini. The sales assistant told me that many people come in intending to buy a Retina Mini and hold the iPad Air, like the light weight and decide to go with the Air. The shop had been selling far more iPad Airs than Retina Minis.

    The two of you place the Xbox One ahead of the PS4 in spite of the much higher price point. The Xbox One is suffering from a major problem in Europe. Hardly any of the media features work here and the ones that do don’t work very well. Perhaps this will improve with time, perhaps, but for now there is a problem.

  2. Great podcast. I actually (after reading one of Paul’s columns) bought a Lumia 520 to replace an aging iPod Touch that could no longer run the latest OS and have been very happy with it. Windows Phone is a good OS with some minot quirks which would seem to be easy to fix (no rotation lock, can’t run apps from the SD card). I didn’t even install the SIM card, I am using it mostly as a media player, and also for web browsing, social media, the Kindle app, Skype, etc, I can carry a wifi hotspot and use Skype if need be. I do think that Paul overstated how good the selection of games is, though. I looked at my page of iOS games that I use most often, and, out of 20, 5 were available on Windows Phone. By comparison, 15 were available on Android. The absolute best thing was the price, though. Even though I ordered mine before the $39 price point that Andrew mentioned, I was still able to get both a 520 and a 64GB microSD card with adapter for under $100 combined.

    I have a Windows RT tablet, so I am quite used to the look and live tiles are great. One thing I would love to see is a text expansion app similar to Text Expander, typing in complex passwords on that little keyboard is hit-or-miss. There are some password apps, but I would like to use something cross-platform.

    I also have a Nexus 7, and while i agree that the OS is now very good (for years, the clumsiness of Android was a very good reason to avoid it, not any more, Jelly Bean and Kit Kat have felt very polished), iOS still has a big edge in quality of software in almost every category imaginable.

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