What The Tech Ep. 194 – Worst Tech Products of 2013 12-24-13

What The Tech Ep. 194 – Worst Tech Products of 2013 12-24-13

Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurrott discuss their list of the worst tech products of 2013. This year Andrew’s list of worst tech products include BlackBerry, Chromebooks, Nintendo Wii U, Facebook Home, and Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Would Nintendo be better off porting it’s classic NES games to iOS and Android? Paul’s list includes Chromecast, Chromebooks, Apple iPhone 5C, Mac Pro, and Acer Iconia W3. Is there any hope that Google can improve Chromecast in 2014? Andrew and Paul also discuss viewers worst of 2013 tech products such as Windows 8, Windows RT, Smartwatches, and Android tablets.


  1. A bit harsh about the Wii U. Nintendo could maybe get some short-term gain by flooding the app stores with cheap ports/remakes, but long term it’d harm their brand. Sega is a Shadow (heh) of its former self. Also I feel that the accuracy of a real controller vs a touch screen fake-button controller would create a frustrating Mario experience.

    Nintendo has had multiple problems in the last couple of weeks due to the sheer number of people trying to register on their severs. It’s partially a lack of online savvy – the big N has always been a bit crap at online gaming – but it’s also a nice problem to have: your consoles are so popular that the purchasers overwhelm your severs.

    If you watch their “Direct” videos, you’ll see that Nintendo has this bizarre naïve formal thing going on that’s strangely compelling. It makes you want to trust them to not mess up family entertainment – XBox and Sony are all about the killing and the nekkid ladies, meanwhile Nintendo just want everyone to have fun dressed as a cat. Or something.

    But yeah. A new Metroid in 2014 please.

  2. I like you guys and listening to the show, but this episode was dreadful.

    None of the Blackberry phones qualify as ‘Worst Tech’. The company may not be well managed, but that is another matter entirely.

    The iPhone 5C is a great phone and Paul would be dancing for the next month if the combined sales of Windows Phone got anywhere close to its sales. The two of you may have wanted Apple to produce a ‘Cheap and Cheerful’ iPhone, but that doesn’t make the iPhone 5C bad tech. The new Mac Pro has been greeted by great reviews and it makes most Windows computers look like wheezy Chevettes from the 70s. It may be a computer specialised for Audio and Video pros, but again that doesn’t make it bad tech.

    The gratuitous comments about the iPad 3 were off the mark as were the ones about Apple chargers. The iPad 3 was a great little Tablet. It did get replaced 6 months after introduction mainly due to the standardisation of the ‘Lightning’ connector with the iPhone 5. There was a camera upgrade and a processor upgrade, but the general advice was “if you have an iPad 3 don’t upgrade to an iPad 4″. Tons of issues with the iPad 3? Nope. I heard one or two complaints about the processor being challenged by some high demand games, but that was it. Not my experience. Charging cables? We probably have about 17 Apple devices in the house and no problems with any of our cables, not even those used by the children. Andrew is your dog playing with them?

    Worst Tech of the Year? Here is my list.

    Windows 8 – Why run a touch OS on non-touch hardware?
    Surface RT – Why? Windows on a mobile device is a liability, not an asset.
    Surface Pro – Horrible battery life and negligible storage.
    Android Tablets – Most are terrible.
    SmartWatch – Nope

  3. I think the list in the most cases are correct. Look at iPhone 5C, it could have been Apples biggest hit so far.
    But if you look at the sale statistic very few people buy it compared to the iPhone 5S.
    Microsoft got Nokia Lumia 520/521 and Google a device like the Motorola Moto G.

    With the wrong pricing for iPhone 5C it would probably cost them the seconds spot in marketshare after Android in the EU 5 countries in 2014 (France, UK, Germany etc..)
    Windows Phone 8 growing fast there.

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