What The Tech Ep. 192 – The Triple Play 12-10-13

What The Tech Ep. 192 – The Triple Play 12-10-13

Andrew and Paul discuss rumored changes coming to future versions of Windows 8 including the start menu making a return. What other changes does Paul think we may see in upcoming versions of Windows 8? Andrew talks about bricking his new LG G2 and what he had to go through to unbrick his Android. Will Android 4.4 ever come out for the LG G2? Paul makes a big switch from Verizon FiOS to Comcast. What made him change his cable provider? Andrew and Paul continue to discuss what they dislike about cable providers. Why is it bundled packages from cable providers end up costing more money?

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  1. The whole android updates thing? Wow what are you talking about?

    Wait for it, it will be pushed to you. You don’t need to do a thing.

    If impatient check for an update in settings.

    No need to clear or stop any services.

    No normal person would do any of that you’re right and they don’t ever need to. If any update is available for your device. It’ll get pushed to your device at one point in their roll out. It’s a staged roll out over a few weeks not a single day, be patient.

    Unless of course there is no update for your device. In which case no amount of messing with settings will get you an update any faster.

    All the stuff you talked about is only done by the impatient android fanatics.

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