What The Tech Ep. 189 – Chromebook Revisited 11-12-13

What The Tech Ep. 189 – Chromebook Revisited 11-12-13

What The Tech


Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurrott revisit Google’s Chromebook. What is the type of person the Chromebook best suited for? Andrew brings up credit card theft. Is credit card theft so prevalent you should expect it nowadays, and how does it happen? Apple quietly launches the new iPad Mini with Retina. Is Apple keeping the launch quiet due to low supply? And Andrew and Paul discuss the upcoming launches of the Xbox One and Playstation 4. Will smaller gaming consoles be able to compete?

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  1. Please note that the video does not work in WIndows 8.1 IE11. The error is: Can’t play video, media source loading has failed.

  2. I listen to your audio podcast of What The Tech weekly. I subscribe via iTunes on my iphone 5s.

    Sorry to hear of your being the victim of credit card fraud.
    I use Chase Bank as well and not only can you add a password to your Chase credit card instead of mother’s maiden name.
    You can also just tell them you lost your card and get a new card# and physical card issued. Since your wive’s actual checking account was used in bank fraud (identity fraud I believe it is officially called) she may need to get a new checking # and order new checks.
    It is recommended to use only initials on checks and no name, address, or phone#. Have checks sent to local bank branch. ALso change check#s. If you are at check# 1500. change the checks to #2600. It adds security.
    Call the credit card 1800# and ask them what other security measure they have that you can use optionally.

    I enjoy your show weekly. I think you need a popper stopper to prevent voice plosives. Amazon has them. search for “Shure Popper Stopper Pop Filter with Metal Gooseneck”.

  3. “You can’t load a bunch of movies on this thing [Chromebook] and watch them on a plane”

    Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

    ChromeOS has a built-in movie and music player that will play files stored locally. I tested .mp3, .avi and .mkv without problem.

    Does Paul ever actually test any of this stuff out himself before tossing out such woefully misinformed “facts”?

    Oh, and if it’s the lack of local storage that’s a problem, a 32 Gig SD card is $21 on Amazon. Unless you’re flying to Mars, that should hold enough movies to see you through…

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