What The Tech Ep. 188 – The Trouble with Chromebook 11-5-13

What The Tech Ep. 188 – The Trouble with Chromebook 11-5-13

What The Tech


Andrew unleashes a bevy of complaints about Apple and Verizon. Andrew explains his ordeal picking up an iPad Air. Was it worth it in the end? He also talks about why he is so mad at Verizon for not carrying the Nexus 5. Should Verizon carry the Nexus 5? Paul gives a review of his new Google Chromebook. Should Google just get rid of ChromeOS? Paul also talks about the new Dell Venue 8 Pro.

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  1. Just watched this week’s episode on my Gen 1 iPAD same as every week. Amusing that you guys spent a fair amount of time last week discussing how bizarre it is that people will spend 100s per year for a new device but are shocked that there are a few hold outs with old devices. With that said, I do expect to move to a surface 2 over the holidays

  2. An unintentionally hilarious episode.

    Self-awareness isn’t really Paul’s thing. He accuses everybody else of behaviours that he consistently fails to recognise in himself. What he writes himself is “just common sense”. Others who favour non-Microsoft technologies are “tech goons”.

    “The problem is that when you attack something that people really like, not only do they take it personally…they will not harbour anything that appears to be criticism, no matter how valid it is”.
    Well, I would post this on Paul’s own site, but he slapped me with a forum ban for daring to write critically about Microsoft (in response to direct question that he’d asked, by the way). So much for not taking it personally, eh, Paul?

    “I look at Chromebooks and ChromeOS through a lens that’s not Windows-focused…”
    You don’t say.

    “[Chromebooks have] almost no memory…very low-end processors, almost netbook class..”.
    Ermm… how much memory do you need? My Samsung ships with 2 Gig of RAM. Already there are Chromebooks with double that.

    Of course, if you’re looking things through that Windows lens then I can see why those amounts look like “almost no memory”. If you want to buy a fast car then the figure you look at is the MPH. The RPM (the speed at which the engine turns over) is a means to an end, not an end in itself. How fast Chromebooks appear to operate to the user is what matters. Sure, a faster processor is better, but ChromeOS simply doesn’t need the grunt that Windows (or Mac) desktops need.

    Oh, and the first Haswell-based Chromebook is already out and it costs $249, not “500 bucksish”. Don’t you get tired of being right all the time, Paul?

    Can’t play videos or music off-line? Errm… yes, you can. ChromeOS’s built-in player plays mp3 audio files, as well as video (I’ve tested with .avi and .mkv) just dandy, thanks very much.

    “You can’t compliment something because it’s supposedly going to get better, later”.
    And this from one of the tech community’s premier cheerleaders for Windows 8. Really, you can’t make this stuff up!!

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