Big Brother 14 Podcast Ep 7 – 9-11-12

Big Brother 14 Podcast Ep 7 – 9-11-12

This week on Big Brother Rewind: The Quack Pack finally vote Frank out of the house. And in a double eviction, Dan sends Joe to the jury house as well, leaving just Dan, Danielle, Jenn, Ian, and Shane, the remaining 5 house guests. Ian once again wins HOH. Could he be the strongest player of the 5? Big Brother gives Ian another Pandora’s Box, but this time, things didn’t turn out so well for Ian. Andrew and John run down possible scenarios and strategies for the rest of the season. Who will make it to the final 3, and who are the biggest threats in the house?

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  1. Danielle is in the final 3 and she is HOH right now and Dan and Ian is on the Block and Jenn is gone

  2. First, I love Rachel, she’s one of my favorite players. Basically when Brendon left the second time last year, she turned her game around and deservedly won. Like Brendon also, but he played his own game in Big Brother 12 without Rachel and he lasted a while, but not all the way.

    Anyway, Peace.

  3. In other seasons of Big Brother, some of the Houseguests have left the house for reasons. Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 10. Respectfully, you guys should watch the other 13 Seasons of Big Brother, they’re really fun to watch.

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